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General Server Guidance

1. The minimum age requirement for the community is 18 years. No exceptions
2. Treat your fellow community members with respect. Banter is completely fine as long as both parties are fine with it.
3. English is a required language, it keeps everyone on the same page, no one gets left out.
4. Advertising for another gaming community on this server is not cool and will not be tolerated.
5. Use channels the way they are intended. There’s a channel description for them all at the top.
6. If you’re going to be away from the discord for an extended period of time please let one of the admins know. We prune non-active members that haven't been seen in 30 days.
7. Please don't jump into a team channels without messaging members of the team or having prior permission from the team.

Application process

If you are applying for Serenity Gaming, we assume you are reading this part so here is a little info on what to expect in regards to the application process. Shortly after making an application an “Administrator” will promote you to the status of “Recruit”, this will change your in server username to orange. While in the “Recruit” bracket you are encouraged to be active in the community, hop into channels, play with other members and just generally be an all-round good person to play with. This will be relayed back to the admin team where the decision will then be made to bump you up to “Member”. Your in-server username will become blue and you will be given an ''SG |'' tag and be welcomed to our ever-growing family.

Conversely, inactivity on the applicant’s part will delay the application process and after a certain period of time your application could be deleted and lead to you being removed from the server.